County vigorously carry out the fastener industry focused on corporate environmental special enforcement action

 Reporter correspondent Chen Fangyi of Zhou Gu Jin WASHINGTON To further improve the quality of the environment, to crack down on illegal acts of sewage, recently, EPA intense Haiyan fastener industry key enterprises to carry out environmental protection special enforcement actions. 
It is reported that the county's action to check the object includes fastener industry scale enterprises, especially those located in the fastener business within the industrial park, will also focus on examination since the beginning of this year there are masses Complaints fastener business, and 2015 since the environment is through administrative penalties fastener business. 
Haiyan environmental monitoring unit official said: "This operation focused on checking the existence of the fastener business waste water, waste-water treatment, Lou Pai, excessive emissions and other illegal activities, the existence of pollution control facilities (including online monitoring facilities) is not normal running and other illegal activities; if there is not required to deal with solid waste, hazardous waste, etc; if there are construction projects not approved the first building, not acceptance to production and so on, the county for the next fastener industry remediation work to do bedding pulse . " 
In order to ensure fair and transparent law enforcement, enhance the efficiency of law enforcement, the Environmental Protection Agency under the Wuyuan Haiyan, Ganpu, shendang, environmental law enforcement in the city of four squadrons and Development, Environmental Protection Branch of law enforcement in a cross way, each selected 10 companies to carry out enforcement actions . 
July 12, the county Environmental Protection Bureau Development Zone Branch of law enforcement officers on the street is located in Wuyuan Haiyan Shenglong Hardware Manufacturing Co., inspect the bolt fastener enterprises engaged in the production, on-site inspection companies are producing. Law enforcement officers found, the company mist exhaust cold heading machine and thread rolling machine produced by untreated, directly discharged environment. The fastener enterprise construction project February 13, 2012 and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency Haiyan, environmental protection facilities construction project so far without the environmental protection department inspection, law enforcement officers immediately asked to shut down and a criminal investigation. 
The same day, Ganpu squadron located in the town of Haiyan Shendang Phaeton Machinery Co. inspection, the company is mainly engaged in auto parts production, supporting acid, phosphate, saponification and other technology. On-site inspection, the enterprise acid, phosphate and saponification facilities are not in production, wastewater treatment facilities are running, wastewater is being discharged, the law enforcement officers to take water samples in the enterprise total wastewater outfall. 
In recent days, the county Environmental Protection Bureau Development Zone Branch and law enforcement squadron orderly manner fastener industry key enterprises enforcement action, as of now, 123 people have been dispatched law enforcement officers, check the company 32, to initiate an investigation 8. 
"Enterprises do not take any chances, the implementation of environmental protection work ultimately depends on enterprises to consciously abide by and fulfill the main responsibility for pollution control, so that our environment will be getting better." County environmental monitoring unit official said, "the next step, we will further strengthen law enforcement, from time to time to carry the cross, and at night when the wrong law enforcement to crack down on acts of environmental pollution, efforts to improve the ecological environment quality of the county. "

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