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Restaurant industry is still a plastic cup dominate the market demand

Malaysia SCGM packaging company set up a new plastic cup production line

Plant starch cellulose turns into environmental protection plastic cup

The office of water don't use plastic cups

Neil leah residents huge demand for plastic products

Policy continues to compress force of labor of lacquer of paint vivosphere water to wait for hair general to rise abruptly

How should development of diatom sludge business do ability to take roundabout way less

Financial capital enters the housing market that rent to exceed -727379968 class market to wait for in a large-scale open

Not environmental protection stops geometry of relation of haze of petroliferous lacquer, furniture, mist

2017 China besmear victory of outfit industry annual meeting concludes

Furniture market current situation analyses custom-built furniture hopeful to become new point of growth

Mother bead builds a machine to use a space capacious step environmental protection energy-saving cavalcade

Data unscrambles the whole world, Asia-Pacific and Chinese coating market

Diatom mud is become new round heat " 3 change " development develops a tendency into future

Was close to whole of industry of mud of alga of end shallow Tan Gui to develop a tendency 2017

Expenditure of coating of global ability in swimming will exceed 32 million tons of foreground 2020 but period

Was close to future of industry of mud of alga of end shallow Tan Gui to develop 2017 how

Akesunuobeier and Ai Shi must stop annex discussion

How to go knowing coating and the effect that know coating

Market of export of carpentry machine tool values numerical control trend apparent