Malaysia SCGM packaging company set up a new plastic cup production line

Disposable packaging manufacturer SCGM automobil plastic net news: Malaysia company plans to invest 10 million ringgit ($3.12 million) to buy a plastic cups production line.The company said it would buy machines from Italy and Germany respectively and mould, which can produce 800 cups per minute, daily output will reach 1.3 million.This production line is expected to be in November to production.SCGM chairman Lee Hock Seng said, the new equipment will encourage sales rose 10%.Lee recently submitted to the Malaysian stock exchange (Bursa Malaysia) file that raw material prices this year is expected to remain relatively stable state."But, on the oil and power input to impact profits in 2015.In terms of itself, as the global economic recovery step by step, we hope that the next quarter profits can at least maintain the upward trend.""Overseas market expansion continues, especially in Asian countries.New plastic cup lineup will also help improve profit margins."Lee says.As of April 30, SCGM annual net profit of 11.53 million ringgit ($3.6 million), up 45% year-on-year.Sales by 97 million ringgit ($97 million) to 100.3 million ringgit ($31.25 million).Related: the restaurant industry is still a batch of PC material plastic cup's dominant market demand export plastic cup by the zengcheng excessive destruction of free phenol guangdong zengcheng destruction of export plastic cup guangdong zengcheng inspection and quarantine bureau destroyed a batch of free phenol standard export plastic cup three cups of water or carcinogenic plastic cup hiding dirt editor: most easily Song Dane mobile client download 】 【 automobil information

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