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In 2017 China's machine tool industry ten big news

In 2017 China's machine tool industry ten big newsIn 2017, China's machine tool industry market, develop steadily, let's take a look at the industry top ten news of the year.Industry, demand structure upgrade, the enterprise operating in 2017 China's machine tool industry running continuation of the warming trend at the end of 2016, machine tool imports double-digit year-on-year growth, some divisions and corporate recovery growth.Tool divisions, for example, according to the China machine tool industry association key link enterprise statistics, tool industry in the first three quarters of sales revenue rose more than 20%.Transformation and upgrading of industry enterprises operating in, part of the enterprise effect is obvious, outstanding performance in the area of some key market segments.Some business is difficult, high debt, continuing losses, even worse, such as dalian machine tool enterprises into bankruptcy reorganization procedures, etc.Prime minister li keqi…

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