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Restaurant industry is still a plastic cup dominate the market demand

Automobil plastic net news: in promoting the development of the catering industry with the demand of the cup and lid.According to the Cleveland market research company Freedonia group, the glass lid demand rose at a 4.4% annual growth rate, to $10 billion in 2018."Drink is an important source of income of the restaurant, restaurant operators is becoming more and more soft drinks and pay attention to the introduction of."Analysts Esther Palevsky said.These factors will drive the high value of the cup and the demand of the lid, such as paper hot cups lid, PET cups and characteristics.In addition, with more and more cities ban ban or restrict the use of disposable expanded polystyrene products, restaurant for the demand of sustainable development, gradually stop using foamed plastic cups , price higher demand outlook and enhance cup.In 2013, the food industry demand for cup and lid accounts for two-thirds of the total demand, the future demand for the industry is still the main

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