Neil leah residents huge demand for plastic products

Automobil plastic net news: according to the understanding, the Nigerian residents demand for plastic products is very large, such as plastic products, plastic cups, plastic toys, plastic tables and chairs, and even plastic bags, and so on are very high utilization rate of daily consumer goods.Oil production in Nigeria, with the raw materials of plastic products, but its existing equipment cannot meet the demand of plastic products.In addition to local customers, economic union west African state (ECOWAS) also rely heavily on Nigeria supply plastic products manufacturer.The west African country plastic manufacturing system is not developed, every year to import plastic products from Nigeria.Africa is a large plastic machinery market, thus smoothing become the focus of global rubber equipment producers compete for.Many Chinese investors took a fancy to this opportunity, have of building plastic products factory in Nigeria, do plastic extrusion products, such as profiles, gusset plate, etc.The local government hopes to develop their own market, domestic enterprises to build their own factories, to meet people in Nigeria and west African union countries demands for plastic, the delegation came to the home, is seeking cooperation by investigating the opportunity of the development.Recently, Neil leah delegation led by chief governor, go deep into the all the chit plastic machinery co., LTD. Kunshan city understand their enterprise culture, production equipment, plastic products and so on a series of research, to confirm the local plastic products factory.Editor: Huang Ping mobile client download 】 【 automobil information

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