Financial capital enters the housing market that rent to exceed -727379968 class market to wait for in a large-scale open

Housing of each district development rents market action again and again. Reporter survey discovers, support the evolution of land sell one's own things from policy, explore the transition implementation to financial form a complete set from the enterprise, housing rents the market to welcome unprecedented development opportunity, with all possible means capital competes for the -727379968 markets that rent.
Many personage inside course of study thinks, “ of the perforative business that rent is developed - operation - consumption - the finance that exits catenary of ” entire industry props up systematic hopeful progressively establish. But meanwhile, housing rents system system construction to must be accelerated further, and fund of much henceforth credit and social capital swarm into domain of the finance that rent is inevitable trend, should prevent to rent loan to turn into the tool that building city “ adds lever ” .
Financial capital enters the housing market that rent to exceed -727379968 class market to wait for in a large-scale open
Multichannel capital grabs a beach
Housing rents the business chance of the market to had been shown, draw each capital eagerly angle. A report forecasts Oriental negotiable securities, at present our country rents population to predict to be 190 million person, dimensions of the market that rent already exceeded -727379968 yuan. To the our country population that rent will amount to 270 million person 2030, integral market dimensions will amount to 4.2 trillion yuan.
Rent the main component that is decided to be system of our country housing as housing, in July 2017, live build the 9 ministries and commissions such as the ministry to allot " what about be in population flows into completely is big in the announcement that the city accelerates development housing to rent the market " , 12 cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fosan are begun first pilot. In August, land ministry, live built a ministry to decide 13 cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou again, begin use collective construction to build the housing that rent with the ground pilot.
Hua Na of Dai Deliang travel and China the area studies the ministry is in charge of Zhang Xiaoduan to say on the west: The development foreground of the market of “ China house that rent and vast space are attracting main body of a lot of operation to undertake try and be exploringed. As new La Hai, finance supports the cornerstone that is development of market of the house that rent. ”
Rapid “ robs the bank beach ” . On October 30, bank and group of garden of green jade laurel are believed to sign cooperative agreement in, letter bank was not growing in hire residential domain to provide fund of sex of 30 billion yuan of safeguard, garden of laurel of contented green jade is growing hire demand of residential domain finance. Both sides is growing hire the residence to develop operation of hatch of construction, investment, hold, later period to exit wait for entire chain to undertake integral business cooperates.
On November 1, the Construction Bank and the Wuhan housing that tubal bureau makes Wuhan town house together are rented trade serve platform to go up formally line, this is the housing that mode of collaboration of line politics silver gets on first in city of countrywide provincial capital is rented trade month of service platform;11 2 days, guangdong is saved build municipal government of hall, Fosan to save branch to reach housing to rent the strategy to cooperate with Construction Bank Guangdong respectively, the housing that makes first politics silver of domestic cooperate is rented superintend reach trade platform. It is reported, did not come 5 years, xiang Andong of Construction Bank general is provincial the housing market that rent participates in main body to provide not less than 200 billion yuan loan.
On November 2, the message also is released to say all right in, xiamen city subsidiary bank and natural resources of Xiamen city land and house property management board go to sign in " agreement of cooperation of strategy of service of banking of the market of Xiamen city housing that rent " .
On November 24, construction Bank Guangdong distinguishs from trade experiment travel and in iron is built, in hand in build, the company of 10 famous estate such as Chinese Jin Mao signs housing to rent the strategy cooperative agreement paralell connection closes sponsor a proposal, collective construction “ buys a house, rent, mode of innovation of service of safeguard ” Trinitarian housing, be in in the near future inside roll out apartment of many 3000 talent quickly.
Construction bank Guangdong divides travel president Zhu Xiaomin to express from trade division, branch gives estate company sufficient credit support not only, still build housing of ” of home of be in harmony to rent platform with “CCB to rely on, rent enterprise and individual to offer big data wisdom to serve for company of government, estate, housing.
Internet tycoon also is quickening layout. In August 2017, alibaba and Hangzhou live bureau of the canal that keep a room signs an agreement, make “ wisdom housing hire platform ”;10 month, pay treasure to announce credit hires room platform to go up formally line, enabled in 8 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen pay treasure credence to rent a house. On October 24, beijing east the press conference that the group holds side of house property business, announce to march estate domain, head period on the house property channel of the line has had 82 development business and 35 services business to enter halt, involve a project to amount to 2027, enclothe a city to exceed 20.
Financial element all has
The reporter understands, the main finance essential factor that prompts the market that rent to develop is being formed. The capital negotiable securities of level of the financial support that these element include an enterprise to carry, consumer credit support that the individual carries, project is changed with exit a mechanism, hopeful is progressively “ of the perforative business that rent develops establish - operation - consumption - the finance that exits catenary of ” entire industry supports a system.
Reporter discovery, at present financial capital intervenes housing rents the market to basically have two kinds of pattern, it is rent company cooperation; with estate 2 it is with the government the respect cooperates.
For example, in the first kind of mode, bank and room look forward to cooperate, both sides signs leasehold to make over an agreement, rent through bank platform room source, meanwhile, the bank also can offer the financial product that includes to hire a room to mortgage loan inside for tenement.
On November 3, subsidiary bank of city of Construction Bank Shenzhen and the ten estate company that include garden of laurel of 10 thousand divisions, Hua Run, green jade to wait inside sign a building to rent strategic cooperation agreement, announce to develop Shenzhen mayor formally to hire room market. According to subsidiary bank of city of Construction Bank Shenzhen relevant controller introduces, already signed with room look forward to at present exceed leasehold of 5000 ring room to make over an agreement, fang Yuanjun decorates bridal chamber for essence of life.
In the meantime, the respect is carried in consumption, construction bank can offer “ to press for tenement house borrow ” , highest can borrow 1 million, reimbursement period can be as long as 10 years. The loan that rent a house is very as similar as the loan that buy a house, it is the bank pays a room look forward to directly, tenement every months to bank reimbursement, this can make room look forward to rapid steam again capital.
Another kind of mode is bank and governmental collaboration, build housing to rent administrative platform together, in check of person room nucleus, trade match, credit evaluation, capital is superintended etc hire room whole technological process each link provide corresponding finance service and product.
In addition, negotiable securities of capital fund of the housing that rent is changed also trying water. On October 11, domestic head sheet is long hire apartment assets “ kind REITs” is born: Rights and interests of new group boarding house room holds asset in the palm to support special plan handing in place greatly to obtain wholesale travel formally, issue the forehead to spend it is 270 million yuan, deadline 5 years, among them first step product obtains AAA grade, interest rate 5.3% .
Subsequently, the Haikaiyuan before the real estate that protect interest announces domestic head sheet ends look forward to rents the couplet in housing REITs—— - Baolide produces the housing that rent an asset supports special plan to obtain Shanghai stock exchange to discuss through, always distribute scale 5 billion yuan, deadline 18 years, regard rock-bottom property as in order to maintain the project of control oneself of benefit real estate that rent asset. Huang Gong of general manager of Shanghai stock exchange yuan think, enterprise of melt into of negotiable securities of capital of have the aid of offers cogent financing channel and investment to exit method, dish the available supply that the vivid building that put an amount increases the housing that rent, conduce to form effective, the housing that dimensions turns rents the market.
And Beijing east, pay the Internet enterprise such as treasure to enter the field that rent a house, conduce to reframe experience of user of the market that rent a house, help compose builds system of good the zoology that rent. Xiamen university management learns to teach Dai Yi to think, show level our country to rent the market to be put in diaphaneity of false room source, market low, eat a lot of chaos such as cash pledge of price difference, embezzle part of what should be issued to resemble, credit system introduces the market that rent a house, with the market that rent a settle or live in a strange place for landlord main participator brings a lot of profit.
Financial venture must be prevented
The personage inside course of study expresses, fund of much henceforth credit and social capital swarm into domain of the finance that rent is inevitable trend, should prevent to rent loan to turn into the tool that building city adds lever.
Reside to renting the “ that consumes end to press borrow ” this kind great and convenient the product that hires a guest, also many people express doubt. Place produces Wei of chief analyst magnify to express in, the loan that rent coverted rent the chance that increases lever and probability, if can borrow money, so rent can be used by investor. “ was rented in the past go up go up under house price far, the reason is to do not have a law to use lever, if hire a room to want loan, have lever, so prospective hire can appear probably to go up greatly ” . “ from theoretic tell, the loan that rent enters building city adventurer in the hand actually not difficult. ”
Some financing assures company staff member expresses to the reporter, this company has cooperative agreement with a few banks, coordinate a bank every year outward loan, but loan can enter the system that sign a letter. He introduces, through this platform rate of leasehold annual interest is amounted to 5.4% , individual of single home bank can borrow 700 thousand yuan at most, borrow a few to be able to borrow 2 million yuan at most more, 2 million yuan do not need pawn below. What does consume or specification of “ loan utility decorate, can do. Policy is encouraged now under, more and more banks are OK name of the by loan that rent does. He says ” .
The ‘ credit that “ Internet finance provides borrows consumption of ’ , ‘ to borrow ’ , ‘ to cross the bridge to borrow ’ to wait, become building city ‘ very easily to add the tool of lever ’ . The loan that rent is same also, if do not have,be on guard effectively measure, be fried very easily also room person use. ”“ loves to hire Chen Jidong of which ” copartner to think, internet finance begins business to do not have district limitation, although go to the lavatory consumer, but the authenticity that cannot check client demand. In how to discriminate room source effectively the respect such as true bogus of the whether true rental, contract that rent a house, internet banking firm still lacks good idea.
Wisdom warehouse center studies easy house academy chief inspector severe leap forward thinks, chummage is borrowed even if consumption of a kind of “ borrows ” , also exist cover showing possibility. Superintendency branch ought to have control to this kind of loan, to loan qualification setting doorsill undertakes examine and verify, make him use to move wait for behavior to want to penalize stoutly. All sorts of “ add have the aid of of the person that fry a room lever ” method, make be restricted to buy difference of policy, bank to change credit policy to wait for the “ firewall ” that controls excessive lever to be broken through easily. Excessive lever is changed drive a few income possibly financing of housing of sortie of crowd of inferior or not stable crowd, high risk tendency, produce ” of “ sub loan easily, increase estate wave motion and financial risk.

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