Plant starch cellulose turns into environmental protection plastic cup

Automobil plastic net news: yesterday, the reporter learns from wuhan gorgeous environmental protection technology co., LTD., Asia's largest biological research and development of plastic cups production base will be completed at the end of the month.At the appointed time, luxuriant green will reach the scale of annual output of 100000 tons of PSM of plastic.Luxuriant and environmental protection is our city a biological plastic and metal products production and sales of high-tech environmental protection new materials and clean technology enterprises, at present has become China's first, the world's second largest starch based biodegradable leading enterprises, established a raw materials procurement, materials production, product design and terminal market development and so on complete industrial chain.It is reported, products sixty percent export.In company showrooms, the reporter saw its products involve the field is very broad, in addition to the membrane bag products, tableware, stationery, toys, medicine and electronics packaging, hotel one-time items, etc.Staff, the company can provide according to customer demand full biodegradable, starch biological basis different properties, such as products, to meet the product packaging after waste compost, incineration, recycling and disposal in different ways, really realize the whole process using friendly to the environment protection.Its production of PSM bioplastics, plants such as starch and cellulose was used as raw material made of plastic products, production process has no "three wastes" emissions, completely biodegradable, after use, waste and composting process.President Zhang Libin said: "at present, the company annual output of 40000 tons of PSM biomaterials, after the completion of the new base, annual output will reach 100000 tons.In addition to the output multiplier, we also will more and more attention to the whole industry chain construction, to further reduce the cost, really let the environmental protection product "ground", entered every household."As the leading enterprise in domestic biological plastic industry, luxuriant company is national biodegradable material industrialization demonstration base, China's national standards drafting unit is biodegradable material, participate in drafting 13 national and industry standards have been issued and implemented.Luxuriant and environmental protection technology co., LTD. Production workshop responsible editor: WeiQiaoQin

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