How to go knowing coating and the effect that know coating

How to go viewing coating and the action that understand coating
The basic idea of coating
1.1 coating are basic concept
Coating is to show Fu of a kind of besmear can form the floorboard of the firm and adherent stock that protects film continuously in object surface, remove adornment and the material that protect a function, main effect is having in national economy and people life, average per capita year the main index that use coating quantity is living standard of a country.
Coating can be mineral already, be like: Copper facing of enamel glair, report, eletroplate galvanization of nickel, report, cement. Also can be organic, be like material of most organic high polymer. Coating of the oily lacquer that the company produces at present, building all uses material of organic high polymer to do felt thing, reason our discussion all is coating of organic high polymer.
The action of 1.2 coating
Fu of besmear of coating course construction at object surface, have protection, adornment and other action through forming not congenial film.
1.2.1 protection action
Thing is exposed in atmosphere, get of classify of oxygen, water erode, cause rustily, lumber decency of decayed, cement destroy a phenomenon. Besmear in thing surface with coating, form certain diaphragm, can be prevented or these happening that destroy a phenomenon mix defer development, make the life of all sorts of material is able to lengthen.
1.2.2 adornment action
The coating on the thing besmear with different qualitative capable person, attainable multicoloured, gorgeous exterior, have the effect of beautification mankind surroundings.
Action of 1.2.3 special functions
If have,coating still has a lot of special effect besides having above protection and adornment to make in order to the mouldproof, antistatic, dew that prevent a knot, anti-fouling, anticorrosive, radiation-proof and the function such as the radioactivity outside conductivity, wetability, Yuan Gong. So coating is producing mainer and mainer effect in each domains.
The composition of 1.3 coating and classification
1.3.1 coating are comprised
No matter the function of coating, configuration and utility if basic composition can express how to express place to show to fall:
, face lacquer, clear-lacquering lacquer.
④ presses a function: Adornment coating, preservative coating, electric coating, antirust coating, high temperature resistant the coating, adiabatic coating, fire retardant coating, mouldproof, dew that prevent a knot.
⑤ presses utility: Building coating, car coating, plane coating, home appliance coating, carpentry coating, bridge painting, plastic coating, paper coating.
Can see from inside utility classification, building paint is a category in coating type only, it is the coating that shows besmear outfit is building component part to go up, include inside wall, outside level ground of wall, ground, smallpox, have painting of ability in swimming, also have oily painting, felt content has organic matter, mineral, modified compound etc. The coating of makes felt thing with organic matter a kind of building that emulsioni paint is ability in swimming only.
The distinction of 1.4 coating and lacquer and connection
Although the topic about “ coating and paint ” already was talked about old. Still have no an unified, science, standard up to now limit. Be opposite inside course of study “ coating ” and understanding of “ paint ” are unified all the time, there is the term level of “ coating ” only in the term clause of national level however. And the term standard that does not have “ paint ” or “ lacquer ” . And the outside paints to “ coating ” and “ inside the course of study of understanding much unlike of ” in that way, they often come to both cent rift, think “ coating ” is different from “ paint ” , it is two kinds of different products.
The as disparate as two kinds of the outside understanding inside course of study not only the disorder that creates commodity character, also cause the disorder of industry property. Have more very person, allegedly some local government press “ paint ” combustible explode easily danger is tasted give strict control, and “ coating ” is not tasted with danger try to manage. Then, a few newly-built paint manufacturer begin to get the chance of policy, what produce obviously is solvent lacquer, but “ does not name paint factory ” when building a factory to name, and name wait for ” of company of ” of “ paint factory or paint of “ special type. This is the flaw on the government that causes because of the disorder of basic idea really.
Somebody thinks coating is coating of ability in swimming, it is cheap coating, and paint is high-grade, it is a kind of wrong understanding actually, old times paint says paint, because inchoate coating basically is,be main raw material with grease and natural colophony.
Progress as science, all sorts of synthetic resin use as extensively the main raw material of coating, make paint product appearance produces fundamental change, make paint again impertinent already, coating of friend be called by a joint name. Coating place contains content very wide, include traditional painting, the solvent that also includes to be main raw material to produce with of all kinds synthetic resin coating and coating of ability in swimming.
Is so authoritative version how define “ coating ” and “ paint ” ? National level is in the basic technical terms of paint and varnish vocabulary standard “ coating ” is the “ Tu Yu that is defined so object surface can be formed have protection, adornment or the floorboard of a kind of liquid of the solid state film of special function or solid material. Inchoate it is main raw material with vegetable oil mostly, reason has ‘ paint ’ say. Show synthetic resin already greater part or replaced vegetable oil entirely, reason calls ‘ coating ’ .
Their English is Coating and Paints respectively, both difference is not big, can use each other, former the part that contains more science it seems that, the meaning in modern science and technology and industrial domain is some wider. But in actual process, a lot of appellation are contained chronic, be like: Lacquer of emulsioni paint, priming paint, face.
Evaluation coating function actors or actress bad has which a few index
Inspect the actor bad of a kind of coating, need to make comprehensive assessment to undermentioned function commonly:
2.1 coating are made and store function
Hind, maintain its are original the ability of function.
National level sets: Coating is in - 5 ℃ and + keep in storage of 23 ℃ loop 3, still maintain its are original changeless ability considers function eligible.
2.2 film function
A. The exterior
After film is dry visual examination, like paint film level off, even, without pinhole, without shrinkage cavity, without stream hang, without chromatism of apparent brush mark, color and standard different is unidentified show, burnish accords with a requirement, regard the exterior as eligible; namely
B. Dry time
Point to touch work to also say the watch works time, it is to point to construction hind, point to kiss film surface with the hand and do not stick the time of the hand. Wear as a result of float of air horizontally pivoted hung a lot of dust, it falls to fly upwards ceaselessly again ceaselessly, did not amount to when film surface touch in order to point to when working, after dust falls, can stick be above film and affect exterior result. Because this watch is dry time is shorter, can decrease more fall the pollution of dirt, also can reduce greatly shed the happening that hang. But watch doing is too fast, spread the effect smooth effect.
Point to pressure working is to point to approach the time that touch film face and does not leave dactylogram place need forcibly with finger. When reaching this level commonly, can be carried to reach other place gently by besmear content.
Get right on the job is the time that shows paint film achieved highest hardness place to need. A when affect dry rate the mainest factor is temperature. Temperature is higher, dry faster. But temperature is met high again too bring about other malady. Be about to wait for its dry and hard to become film after coating construction, generally speaking, its time is shorter better.
C. Covering power
The ability; of color of surface of material of bottom of paint film cover because the dry film covering power of emulsioni paint and wet film covering power are different, because this emulsioni paint is medium,express with contrast ratio.
of reflectivity than.
The reflectivity of the paint film on material of bottom of black of contrast ratio = / the reflectivity of the paint film on white bottom material
Contrast ratio is 1 state best; becomes covering power when contrast ratio ≥0.98, can think this coating
The contrast ratio of emulsioni paint of level of state of; of material of bottom of complete already cover is ≥0.90.
E. Burnish
A kind of optics of film surface is characteristic, with its the capacity of reflex expresses;
The burnish of film can divide for:
Gao Guang: 90-100
Glazed: 60-89
Half light: 30-59
The silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics: 11–29 flexibility: Material of bottom of paint film therewith is out of shape together and do not produce the ability; of attaint
3) scrab resistance: Below rated condition, paint film is swabbed repeatedly with catharsis medium and retain the ability that its do not damage.
4) is able to bear or endure ability in swimming: Film immerses at going ionic water suffers patiently; mediumly
5) acid-proof sex: Film immerses to suffer patiently; mediumly at acidity material
Sex of 6) alkali resistance: Film immerses to suffer patiently; mediumly at saturated limewater
7) mildew resistance: Paint film touchs the ability; that antifungi grows on its
8) is able to bear or endure lukewarm denaturation: Paint film endures cold heat to alternant temperature changes and maintain its the ability; of primary function
9) is able to bear or endure contamination: Film is able to bear or endure contaminative ability, with determine loss late of paint film whiteness expresses. Loss late is smaller, be able to bear or endure contamination jumps over good;
10) weatherability: Film suffers below the action of the light in atmosphere, hot, ozone, ultraviolet ray, coating fights craze, fall off, pulverization, fade, the ability; that protects light to wait
11) appears steam sex: Paint film passes through the ability of water or water vapour.
Function of 2.3 coating construction
Coating construction performance is good, it is to show whether coating applies besmear easily commonly, yi Liuping, do not appear stream hang, corrugate, shrink it is edge, bleeding, good to bite moderate of bottom, drying, easy burnish, recoatability and low to construction environment requirement.
Stereo decorative pattern shapes quality: To coating of facing of stereo decorative pattern, whether can after its apply Tu Gan dry, assessment form result of wants stereo decorative pattern.
The composition of coating reachs the characteristic of each composition
The 3.1 material that become film
The material that become film is the basis that forms coating, it has constituent of the other in cohere coating to form the function of film. It has conclusive effect to the property of coating and film.
The mainest feature that coating has into velar material is the film that it can form layer through construction, provide all sorts of performance of a need for film. It mixes dissolve with the necessary other constituent that joins in coating even, form even dispersive body. The compound that has these features is usable become velar matter for coating. Their configuration can be liquid state, also can be solid state.
3.2 dye
Dye is colored coating namely a of appellative paint main constituent. Dye makes film presents colour, make film has the capacity that certain cover is behaved by besmear thing, its are decorated and protect action in order to develop. Dye still can enhance the mechanical function of film and fast performance.
Dye can be divided by its origin for natural dye and synthetic organic pigment two kinds.
By its chemical composition can be divided for inorganic pigment and organic pigment.
The effect that has in coating by its can be divided for chromatic dye, extender, inhibitive pigment and special type dye.
3.3 auxiliary
Auxiliary also calls the auxiliary material constituent of coating, it is a component of coating, but it itself cannot form film alone, it can regard film as a medium constituent after coating becomes film and exist in film.
Mix to coating according to auxiliary the action of film, the auxiliary that contemporary coating place uses can divide for the following 4 types:
1) produces the auxiliary of process happening action to coating, be like: Anti-foaming agent, wetting agent, dispersive agent, emulsifying agent.
2) produces the auxiliary of action to process of coating keep in storage, if prevent knot skin lotion, prevent precipitant to wait.
3) produces the auxiliary of action to coating construction process, be like: Drier, stream smooth agent, prevent stream hang an agent to wait.
4) produces the auxiliary of action to coating film function, plasticizer, dulling agent, mould inhibitor, fire retardant, antistatic absorbefacient of agent, ultraviolet light.
3.4 dissolvent
Solvent is a kind of constituent that needs to make the coating of liquid state finishs construction process place. The material becoming film that the action of solvent constituent is boreal Korea coating dissolves or be liquid state dispersedly, in order to make easily construction becomes film, and can volatilize from inside film again after construction to atmosphere in, make film forms the film of solid state thereby. Solvent constituent is normally but volatile liquid, customarily says divide to volatilize. The dissolvent of contemporary coating includes water, inorganic compound and organic compound.
Of coating name
To simplify for the purpose of, when coating names, still use one word of “ lacquer ” besides coating, the following specific when narrating, each coating breed also calls lacquer, still use one word of “ coating ” when a general designation. Coating names a principle to set as follows: Dye of full name = or color name + name of the material that become film + basic name.
If dye has distinct effect to paint film function, substitute color name with painty name. Be like priming paint of annulus oxygen iron oxide red
To certain the product that has professional utility and character, try to clarify at the back of the material that become film when necessary.
The number of 4.1 coating
1) . Coating
Coating model divides composition by 3, the first part is the material that become film, express; with letter of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet the 2nd part is basic name, express; with two digit word the 3rd part is serial number, in order to express the composition between congener breed, deserve to compare or of utility different. A model of such composition represents breed of a coating only and won't repeat.
2) . Assist material
The model that auxiliary material distributes distributes a share, the first part is auxiliary material sort, the 2nd part is serial number.
3) . Principle of basic name number
Coating is basic name number principle is to use 00-99 2 digit word will express. 00-O9 represents;20-29 of art design lacquer on behalf of basic breed;10-19 the delegate is light industrial;50-59 of lacquer of shipping of delegate of;40-49 of insulating varnish of delegate of the;30-39 that use paint is waited a moment on behalf of anticorrosion lacquer.
The term of coating
1. Hair muddy: Varnish, edible vegetable oil or thinner because not dissolve content separate out and present state of cloud and mist opaque phenomenon.
2. Add stiff: Coating is in process of keep in storage, the consistency heighten appearance that causes as a result of the loss of thinner normally.
3. Garrulous coagulates to form the phenomenon of agglomeration body in paint or dispersive body.
4. Gel: Coating turns into from liquid state the solid state that cannot use or the phenomenon of half solid state.
5. Knot skin: Coating is in container, as a result of oxidation group action, the phenomenon of leather film is formed on its fluid face.
6. Precipitation: Coating is in process of keep in storage, its solid constituent sinks to the phenomenon of container bottom. Synonym: Heavy bottom; sedimentations.
7. Agglomerate: The compact lump content that the grain such as the dye in paint, extender precipitates to disperse not easily again with agitate.
8. Thick bead coating shows the thick grain that go out in process of keep in storage.
9. Return thick paint to be in process of keep in storage, as a result of the phenomenon that painty garrulous coagulates and makes fineness of grind becomes poor.
10. See things in a blur contains the paint of a variety of different and painty mixture to be in keep in storage or dry process, plant or be risen to and color appears in paint or concentration of paint film surface not the stripe of divide evenly and stain resemble again.
11. The extreme state of float lubricious see things in a blur.
12. The gas such as the air that has bleb coating to be formed in the process that apply besmear or solvent steam or both hold some bubble concurrently, this kind of bubble is in paint film can disappear in dry process, give OK and permanent presence.
13. Pinhole is existing one kind to be similar to the morbid state of the stoma that uses pinprick age in paint film.
14. The furrow of the form of small amplitude ripple that corrugate paint film presents to more or less have the law, it can reach a share greatly or all film is deep.
15. Orange skin paint film presents the exterior morbid state of exterior of orange skin condition.
16. Hoar and glazed coating is dry in the process, an ivory appearance presents sometimes on paint film.
17. Stream hang coating to apply go up at vertical plane when, because its anti-current hangs sexual difference or Shi Tu the reason such as heavy panel of undeserved, paint film and use wet paint film moves downward, open the inhomogenous coating with the thick brim below all sorts of appearance.
18. After brush mark brushs besmear, the phenomenon of streak of record of a backbone that keeps on dry paint film. Because coating is dry,this is too fast, viscosity is too big, paintbrush is too thick hard, the method that brush besmear is undeserved wait for a reason to make paint film cannot flow to make the same score and be caused.
19. A certain number of size that still stop after shrinkage cavity paint film is dry differ, distributing the phenomenon of the circular small hole of each different.
20. Webbing coating presents backbone state upheaval in accumulation of lacquer face brim, the phenomenon of heavy panel of brim of desiccate paint film.
21. Bite a bottom to apply Tu Jitong to plant or differ on dry paint film kind of coating when, the dry film that makes its fall during Tu Huo is dry is applied to produce bate, apophysis or the phenomenon that break away from from bottom material in coating.
22. Bleeding comes from lower coloured material, enter what pass through superstratum paint film to diffuse process, make paint film appears not to hope some is chromatic consequently or become angry.
23. The surface is rough after paint film is dry, whole or its are local the surface is distributinging the phenomenon of the raised grain of irregular appearance.
24. Surface of dirt retention dry paint film stops the phenomenon of the different bead such as dirt.
25. Former lacquer becomes angry: Coating is in process of keep in storage, as a result of certain extremely chemistry or physics change or produce chemical reaction with container and deviate its are initiative the phenomenon of color.
26. Become stiff: Paint is in process of keep in storage, because the consistency heighten that chemistry reacts and causes happens between constituent, the phenomenon that bulk expands. Synonym: Thickening; is bloated.

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