Paint business needs " save oneself " but more require public effort

The coating of artistic painting, high end coating, entrance coating, ability in swimming fractionize domain that accords with afore-mentioned transition direction, become numerous enterprise to contend for the market of photograph race to control.
Was about to near end 2017, in this year, raw material rises in price, environmental protection superintend and director checks storm, labour cost to rise, shortage of source of besmear outfit salary is waited a moment, farther aggravate the cruelty of coating market competes. After sea cleans out sand, close down make over, the normal trend that annex weighs the company action such as the group to make a trade. Be retreated by “ Qing Dynasty to avoid the destiny of ” , paint business holds high in succession “ saves oneself the old standard of ” , wait for transition of craft or product direction to sex of clean production, energy-saving environmental protection, tall function.
Then, the coating of artistic painting, high end coating, entrance coating, ability in swimming fractionize domain that accords with afore-mentioned transition direction, become numerous enterprise to contend for the market of photograph race to control. And to mix traditional emulsioni paint, decorate the product such as lacquer to be distinguished come, a lot of successes enter the business of these fractionize markets, in the process that extends innocently in conduct propaganda of purpose, for oneself product, even the label that industry domain makes high end, so that with character honour is enjoyed for, will realize the value custom-built the advantage that go up, paint with the tradition from the price and channel coating cut leaves thoroughly.
But the result that emphasizes high end too, hard to avoid lets a product not quite ground connection is angry, and coating market is mixed consume group and economic base bulkily again, also decided high-end product suffer numerous it is one fraction only. Also accordingly, emphasize high end, environmental protection, character on individual action waiting to be able to not guide an industry to come true blindly substantially change, also cannot punish among them most enterprise and dealer to the body live the environment brings what improvement.
And the atmosphere that if think truly,changes coating industry thoroughly from standard and normative sex, the enterprise is in save oneself while, must appeal actively and participate in the public action of the industry, wait for collaboration with numerous enterprise, relevant government sector, guild, allied, club, discuss jointly, consultative, establish strict industry regulation and standard, the benign health that promotes industry platform hand in hand develops. Because be in,cooperate with all possible means advance next development, can avoid not only similar environmental protection policy just faces the paint business “ that cause this year one knife cuts ” behavior, still can change passivity to be active, the environmental protection that allows relevant section to accept coating trade permeates behavior, the green that is an industry develops big give the green light.
With respect to this respect, the practice of partial enterprise is worth an industry to draw lessons from. With morning Yang Shuiqi is exemple, its from beginning to end together industry resource, will drive coating “ oil to change the credo that water ” process develops as the enterprise. The association of Chinese coating industry that runs recently the 8th on the 3rd standing board, spokesman of lacquer of morning in relief water expresses: “ develops the background that makes industry consensus to fall in green, industry colleague should pass mutual study, joint efforts, advance green besmear to install technical progress quickly, aid carry out transition of course of study to upgrade. ”
Besides, lacquer of morning in relief water also is paid attention to very with governmental respect arrange with, the green industry that drives region market grows. According to statistic, only 2017, have early or late government of district of city high level ground, Heibei is filled to decide state city to live south Sichuan build bureau, Heibei to save leading Party group of standing committee of National People's Congress, Shaanxi to save Han city to enrol business city of salt of 2 bureaus, Jiangsu province builds lake county environmental protection the government sector such as the bureau or those who guide is relevant, negotiate water lacquer the matters concerned such as communication of technology of transfer of technology, production, capital attraction. This will be in to coating of ability in swimming integrated and advantageous resource, stimulative area has good to huge benefit effect on economic progress.
Instantly, the enterprise is efforts of communal coating domain, of improvement will be future all coating practitioner lives jointly environment. So any individuals and company do not think he passed the price to choose a mechanism, it is OK to achieved character honour to enjoy have nothing worry about. Just think if the competition of coating industry and live the environment has arrived badly moldered brim, the company that seeks means of livilihood in class of layer of all product quality can be affected, any industries are nonexistent the special case of pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others. Accordingly, the enterprise is being sought save oneself while, must more actively appeals corresponding and public natural resources and framework perfect and reform.

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