Furniture market current situation analyses custom-built furniture hopeful to become new point of growth

The circumstance such as optional drive up or depress price still happens from time to tome, make already consumer interest is damaged, let whole industry appear again the random elephant with malign competition, uneven quality.
Confederative. Mr Qiu discloses controller of inn of Gao Dengzhong hill, brand of a few custom-built furniture allows this locality agency to process a product in this locality, final state is, although the product is sticking the brand of well-known trademark, be not the truly custom-built product of this brand however actually.
Mr Qiu thinks, if custom-built furniture brand wants to last, benign development, should abide by furniture industry self-consciously basic regulation, bear the blame to consumer. Make in the product, cannot go after large quantities of quantities to produce blindly, and should forging with professional spirit character. Henceforth, in custom-built furniture domain, compare who will be more professional, more dedicated.
Annatto furniture is OK also very wet
Before long, everybody thinks annatto furniture suits successful personage or age longish only person. However, come nearly two years, youth the “ bias ” to annatto ceaseless melt, the complex of “ annatto ” in contemporary household makes a person enchanted. To comply with a youth aesthetic, partial annatto furniture added vogue to design an element, created young artistic living.
Walk into Gong Guxuan reveal office, the greet of immediately of annatto desk and chair that the west in much money confluence designs. These are full of the annatto furniture of contemporary breath in elegance, its marrow depends on will classical Oriental element be in harmony be being designed now in, the distinctive meaning that with contemporary design the language explains Oriental culture accumulate. They are simple style differentiates no longer, also not be purely will original element undertakes load one's writing with fancy phrases, it is however on the basis that understands self-identity to traditional culture, will contemporary element and traditional element are united in wedlock effectively, will make the household style that is full of traditional lasting appeal with the aesthetic demand of modern, the sequence of thought that makes a tradition artistic all the time inheritance goes down.
Current, because the just designs on the west annatto furniture in a few confluence is contracted lively, acceded again traditional verve, let a lot of 70 hind even 80 hind, even part 90 hind deliver the view to part convention and innovation gradually the furniture of annatto of new Chinese style at an organic whole.
Because annatto furniture is general colour and lustre is dark, modelling heavy and complicated, the impression that gives customer is must villatic or large family ability puts classic annatto furniture, can make household appears crowded otherwise. The salesperson that Dan Gonggu highs introduces, the youth that comes round to buy annatto furniture in recent years is increasing, they like the gas musical sound of classic furniture, but do not like its trival, this brand also is aimed at aesthetic appeal of the youth, manufactured the annatto furniture with a few simple and fluent circuitry.
Actually, wait besides chair, bed practical outside strong furniture, a few screen, a long narrow table decorate the furniture with strong sex more suffer a youth to like. For example, screen is to be used originally block barrier of wind, block and illuminative furniture, but from the point of market condition, modern buys annatto screen pays close attention to screen to be in more block geomantic, get together wealth vital energy and the culture import that make the field such as backer.
Wave write down a respect to express, annatto furniture is very exquisite design, design the introduction of the concept as the west, in last few years annatto furniture besides classical, archaize, much also the element that more Chinese and Western combines. The diversity of design and style, provided more choice spaces to consumer, when furniture of consumer choose and buy can consider integratedly completely to make a choice from each respect, and need not hold in the arms restore ancient ways, classical concept is not put.

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